High Quality

Veterinary Care

We have created a modern and fully equipped Veterinary Clinic for the management of all your pet health problems, by our experienced and caring team.

  • pet-surgery
    Your pet's surgery

    The clinic offers a fully equipped operating theatre that can host all types of surgery (soft tissue and orthopedic)

  • pet-health-care-services
    Health care services

    In our clinic we can handle any case of internal medicine incidents (gastrointestinal, endocrinological, neurological, dermatological etc).

  • pet-emergency-services
    Emergency services

    Special equipment is present for cases that show serious health issues and intensive care is deemed necessary.

  • pet-diagnostic-services
    Diagnostic services

    The clinic’s digital radiology unit and the clinic’s ultrasound unit are of the highest standards, capable of performing simple but also very specialized x-rays and ultrasound representations.

  • pet-dental-care
    Pet dental care

    All dental problems are managed properly, such as dental cleaning using ultrasound and polishing, dental extractions and jaw surgery.

  • pet-bathing-grooming
    Pet wellness services

    At the clinic you can find a specially designed area that focuses on animal bathing and grooming for both healthy animals, (normal baths and grooming) but also for animals with dermatological problems (medicinal bathing).

Your First Choice for Veterinary Care

Staris Veterinary Clinic is a fully equipped Veterinary Clinic that provides high standard scientific care for your dogs and cats.

Our main aim is to provide excellent service, while meeting all your concerns and providing you all the available options.

Trust us and we will provide you the best care for your pet.


Vaccinations are necessary to ensure and maintain the health of cats and dogs. Vaccination helps the animal to produce antibodies and become ready for any contact with a virus from the microorganisms for which it was vaccinated.

For each animal a vaccination plan is selected, according to its habitat, if it lives indoors or outdoors, if it comes into contact with other animals, whether it spends time at pet hotels, etc.

Balanced diet

An animal’s diet plays a very important role in sustaining its health. The right diet must be balanced and must cover all its needs. Apart for maintaining good health, a correct diet can help maintain good dental, joint and fur conditions. There are also medicinal diets for animals that suffer from various health issues (diarrhea, allergies, heart, liver and kidney conditions).


Both endo- and exo-parasites can be dangerous for an animal’s health, but also for our health. Luckily, tackling this issue is an easy task, with various methods to do so.

The most common exo-parasites for cats and dogs are fleas and ticks. These parasites can transmit serious diseases among the animals. To tackle these parasites, we can use collars, pills and ampoules for topical perfusion on the skin.

British Small Animal Veterinary Association
Veterinary School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Aristotle University 2
Ελληνική Κτηνιατρική Εταιρεία